The Cameraman’s Revenge

cameraman's revenge

The Cameraman’s Revenge (1921)

Dir. Ladislaw Starewicz

My friend Bryce reminded me of a favorite filmmaker of mine, Ladislaw Starewicz, an animator who began his career in 1910.  Even in the age of youtube, I find myself still surprised that this man is not more noteworthy in the annals of film history, though his influence is certainly vast and can absolutely be accredited for furthering the art of stop-motion animation, a personal obsession of mine.

This film is one he did in 1912 (!!!!) called The Cameraman’s Revenge, a very simple and comic tale of infidelity.  Except of course that he animates insects, which may or may not be real insects, optically re-animated… (My money is of course on real.  They just look so detailed, it just has to be… Plus, it just makes for a better legend doesn’t it?)  I cannot express what hypnotic power this film has, it’s better I just leave it to you to watch.  Also worth noting is of course his most influential film, The Mascot.  This is a filmmaker worth seeking out, his films are truly and disturbingly timeless.


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