Animated Short of the Week – Tale of Tales


Tale of Tales (1979)

Dir. Yuri Norstein

OK, something I have to get off my chest so that I’ll never have to repeat myself again on this site (Go ahead, hold me to that… My bets are on me slipping, what do you think?) – I refuse to believe that hand-crafted animation is dead.  Computer animation is fine and good (well, when Pixar does it… Yes, EXCLUSIVELY), but hand-crafted animation, i.e. hand-drawn and stop-motion, is my bread and butter.  The possibilities have proven limitless over the course of cinema history, but computer animation has been stagnant to say the least since its inception (once again, Pixar of course excluded).  Damn right I’m a snob.

Thus, a new feature on Febriblog… Animated Short of the Week.  (If anyone has a suggestion on a more clever, blog-friendly name, please let me know… I’m dying here…)  Once again, it’ll focus on the more obscure end of the spectrum, or at the very least the slightly forgotten.  Though I may get the urge to post Duck Amuck at some point…

Anyways, to kick things off, here’s a short from the Russian master Yuri Norstein entitled Tale of Tales.  I could sit here and attempt to analyze the film, perhaps likening it to Tarkovsky (Mirror in particular), but it would almost surely end in nervous fan-boy stuttering.  So I’ll just say that this film has been called on many instances the greatest animated film ever made.  They wouldn’t be wrong.  This is a singular masterpiece.


~ by febriblog on July 15, 2009.

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