Animated Short of the Week – Casey At the Bat


Casey At the Bat (1946)

Dir. Jack Kinney

I’m keeping this week’s entry light and simple.  This one’s an old favorite of mine, one that I watched countless times as a baseball-obsessed child from the warm glow of the newly conceived Cartoon Network, but I do not post things on here simply out of nostalgia.  What strikes me about this film now, amongst the simple gag-oriented animation and feel-good soundtrack, is of course the ending, one that always struck me as slightly unsettling and pretty damn depressing.  And my friends, it still elicits that feeling somehow, as the final shot of Casey swinging away in the rain by his lonesome is pretty grim in its depiction of pure desperation.  Reading too much into it?  Maybe, but I can’t deny the feeling I get watching this.  If nothing else, it’s a neat little classic.  Enjoy.


~ by febriblog on August 26, 2009.

One Response to “Animated Short of the Week – Casey At the Bat”

  1. One of my all time favorites. Watched it countless times growing up 🙂

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