Great Shot of the Week

Silent Light (2007)

Dir. Carlos Reygadas

Let the great debate continue.  I don’t know of many films that have been so passionately loved or hated as Silent Light, certainly not when you consider it doesn’t contain any extended graphic rape scenes (Irreversible) or isn’t a parable about the search for the Great American Blow-Job (The Brown Bunny).  It in fact is a beautifully, hypnotically quiet (ah, there it is) film about a Mennonite family, and an affair that comes between everything (to simplify it of course).  I will say that the film is definitely infatuated with itself, as its staking its claim as the heir to Bergman or specifically Tarkovsky, and in this, it certainly does not reach these heights.  However, the film is consistently moving and surprising in very subtle ways, and of course, almost absurdly beautiful at others.

The film is known for its opening and closing shots, but I will not show them here; not because it spoils anything, but because they simply demand to be seen in total darkness.  The effect is beyond damaged through the lens of Youtube.  The scene I’ve chosen is the second in the film, and it pretty much sums it up.  If you’re on board, I highly recommend it.  If you hate what you see, well, there’s 2 more hours after that.  Just don’t call it boring.  Enjoy.


~ by febriblog on December 8, 2009.

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