Animated Short of the Week – Mindscape

Mindscape (1976)

Dir. Jacques Drouin

An utterly transfixing work of animation, and cinema in general, done in the Pinscreen technique pioneered by Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker.  Under the tutelage of Alexeieff/Parker, Drouin developed arguably the most fluid and complex examples of the form, an extraordinarily painstaking method using a board of pins, not unlike the toy you used to plant your face in as a kid (a primitive and novelty form of course), one that relies on the most delicate sense of light and shadow to dictate the shapes displayed.  Mindscape is one of the truest examples of hypnotic cinema I can think of, a literal transport into a world where shapes and shadows seamlessly blend in with one another, creating new atmospheres that, just when you place a finger on what precisely you are looking at, another set of images drift in.  A most delightful Rorschach test, and a true masterpiece of animation.  Once again courtesy of the estimable National Film Board of Canada, enjoy.


~ by febriblog on June 21, 2010.

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