Great Trailer of the Week

Crime and Punishment (2002… But actually 1993)

Dir. Menahem Golan

Menahem Golan is no stranger to prestige, having started the company synonymous with class, Cannon Films, home to such masterworks as Over the Top, Death Wish 3, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, and oddly enough, Godard’s allegedly insane (haven’t, um, gotten to it yet) King Lear. But the man is a director to boot, having seen such a kinship in the tale of competitive trucker arm-wrestling as to have helmed Over the Top himself, but this one, wherever it is, might just take the cake… So dear readers, I ask of you, can anyone hunt down a copy of this film and share it?  Pretty please?  Nathan Rabin over at the A.V. Club today posited that someone should really try to hold a Golan/Globus retrospective; I tend to agree, and none would seem more perfect a centerpiece than this one.

Filmed in 1993, but left un-released until 2002 (and even that seems a stretch), Golan’s Crime and Punishment adaptation would seem to be yet another direct-to-video sleeze that we’re all well past used to… If of course it weren’t so packed with grade-A thespians… How did he manage to get Vanessa Redgrave and John Hurt exactly?  So I share this with you, in hopes to hunt this down and see its very splendor unfold before my very eyes.

Besides, shit, Crispin Glover looks amazing as always in this one.  Enjoy.


~ by febriblog on July 7, 2010.

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