My name is Chris Day. I write from beautiful Seattle, WA.  I do a music/film project called Febrifuge.  Congratulations, this will be the last time I mention that on here.  Just didn’t want to confuse all six of you that know what that is.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    There have been at least two DVD editions of “Memoirs of Underdevelopment” that I know of. One, put out by the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts (ICAIC, in spanish) and another one in Mexico. I’m afraid I don’t remember the label. I rented it in my country (Nicaragua) the mexican version. Coding is not up to par with Criterion standards, but it was watchable. You might trace it down in Amazon or Ebay.

    Probably, the embargo hinders commercial collaboration of american companies like Criterion with cuban governmental institutions, like ICAIC. Which is a major bummer. The movie deserves a Blu Ray!



    • Thanks JC for your input. I have indeed seen the Cuban Institute DVD when I was first exposed to the film, and it was more than adequate, given that it’s always more important to at least have the film itself intact, regardless of quality. That is a very interesting theory on why it has no currently print status in the US; I didn’t take into account the embargo. Maybe, just maybe, Milestone can release this as it somehow managed with their fantastic I Am Cuba set.

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